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"Far Beyond the Stars is one of the best power metal albums I’ve heard in a very long time, and is one more brilliant example of how songwriting is the great trump card."

"This album is simply full of great, catchy tunes that will go in one ear and stay there right from listen number one. It’s an album that just pounds you with energy from the get-go and doesn’t let up..."

"If I was in a power metal band, this is EXACTLY what I’d want it to sound like!"

" Far Beyond the Stars shows that perfectly-formed metal can shine through on a debut record to compete with some of the genre's leading lights who've been at it for years."

"Vocalist Richard Carnie is a powerful driving force fronting the band, laying down an impressive vocal range that bolsters the impressive spectrum of themes that the intelligent lyrics portray."

"  ...the combination of solid writing, enthusiasm, spirit and ability align to truly make Far Beyond the Stars interstellar;"

"...the whole thing is there is an exquisitely melodic power metal of the very first class."

"More, well-placed tempo change, 'Breaks' and the interplay between high to low notes provide an even 'sublime' musical touch.."

" ...every minute is a real pleasure, the album in its entirety as an exciting excursion into the unknown, but always beautiful. Even you have to admit that FAR BEYOND THE STARS: the album has a damn life-affirming effect."

"All in all a truly phenomenal album, the band has put a lot of hard work and emotion into every piece of this work. And the album stands to prove that this band will go on to provide even better material in the future."

"...a sound rich with melodic guitars and powerful vocals that make the hairs on every orifice stand on end."

"...the lead guitars paint an awe inspiring picture in my mind and it really is truly a pleasure to listen to this album from start to finish."

""Edwards and Docherty are excellent guitarists that make each song something fun and exciting."

"...production of the album, overseen by legendary Andy LaRocque (King Diamond , Death) is clean and makes everything sound very clear, one of the best productions of the year no doubt.."

"  it seems that it is time for a young and enthusiastic band show that there is room for innovation in Power Metal...songs carefully developed - dare I suggest unless an 'Almost Perfect' for this album!"

" By combining lightning fast guitar riffs, powerful melodies and superb, sing along choruses, Ascension have created one of the finest power metal albums of the past ten years..."

"...Far Beyond the Stars is jammed full of, brilliant musical talent."

"  Ascension have thought outside the box with this release, and through tracks like the beautiful power ballad that is ‘The Silver Tides’ and the 10 minute epic ‘The Avatar’, show just why they are one of the best UK based metal bands….. Hell to that in fact, one of the world’s best metal bands."


"...Was it worth the wait? Oh, you bet."

" Ascension represent a rare species: A band that have the ability to produce genre-leading music straight out of the box. Dodgy first few albums? Forget it; Far Beyond the Stars shows that perfectly-formed metal can shine through on a debut record..."

"Not only is the songwriting top-notch, but there’s a staggering ability to play showcased here, too ... this is a full-blown release and you can feel the craft that’s gone into moulding each and every one of the tracks."

"Certainly, it marks a palate-cleanser from the hordes of churned-out, fantasy-tinged metal and a perfect antidote to the current music tastes of the masses. Ascension keep things interesting to the end."

Daily Dischord
Daily Dischord

"...with Far Beyond the Stars, they’ve crafted a debut album of almost unfathomable technical proficiency and a real sense of enjoyment."

"...all the best albums are made on these terms, and this is one which resonates with authenticity, quality and potential."

" ...it’s the standard of song that pulls it together, most notably on the insanely infectious ‘Heavenly’, which seems designed to be listened to with both a fist in the air and a smile on your face."

"Ascension's mission is a simple one, to bring big-ass twin guitar licks to the Power Metal genre, along with earth shattering drumming, sonic bass lines and fiery vocals, and this is what is they’ve done in monstrous overtures with their album ‘Far Beyond The Stars’,"

" This is definitely one hell of a debut release..."

"...Far Beyond The Stars is one of the strongest power metal debuts I have ever heard, and I can only imagine this band getting better from here."

"The production for this album, overseen by the legendary Andy LaRocque, (King Diamond, Death) is clean and crisp, with everything coming out very clear." 

" This is a mind blowing album, and all fans of power metal (or even metal in general) should pick it up as soon as you can, you will never regret it."

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